so i entered the costume contest and the room for prejudging was fuckin HOT so i was sweating my makeup off in ten layers of tulle and satin feet killing me

and then i made a total fool out of myself in front of the judges by stuttering and wiping my sweat and forgetting to tell them that i made my earrings and other stuff and they were rolling their eyes and eff

ive never done this before i only learned how to sew like in march goddamn it

ugh social anxiety sucks man

okay so i’ve been sort of mia on talking about irl stuff lately but basically im going back to california in like 3 weeks AND i’m going to a local con tomorrow in my rose cosplay from TIL that i’ve been working on for legit 8 months and learned how to sew for lmao

so many pathetic little fucks i’d love to smash into the ground rn



cool thing about choosing literally any major is that someone is gonna make you feel bad about it

Theatre major? You mean waiting tables for the rest of your life.

English major? Oh, so you want to be a school teacher.

Art major? Enjoy poverty you hipster.

Anthropology major? Was history too hard for you?

History major? What can you even do with that?

I’ve heard all of these before.

i just absolutely love being forced to watch a documentary in psych class that included extremely triggering self harm video throughout the entire thing

and we were given zero warning on what was in the damn thing

someone tell my psych prof to calm down she is literally quoting the rubric every time she grades and taking points off for the silliest shit like i got a 95/100 on a discussion board and she took off 5 points because i didn’t put a page # on a namedrop i referenced in reply to someone else??? like srsly she never even told us to do that and discussion boards aren’t even supposed to be that srs bsns


just came across a post in a certain tag about how “gay ships are yay ships” and that people shouldn’t bother making a big deal about gay rights because we have a rainbow flag and rainbows are cool or some shit

i honestly cannot tell if this is satire or not but judging by the tags this person is super srs and is just a generally shitty human being and “allies” like this need not darken my doorway… ever


In the Flesh Meme: [1/4] Characters - Amy Dyer

Last thought I remember thinking was just that it was so… unfair. Like I’d been benched before I’d even got to play the game.

ppl who continue to tag their h8 or ask y other ppl like a character/ship

y’all feel free 2 fall off the earth now


Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it’s a world, or a relationship…